Who Gets What is a nonpartisan journal devoted to the analysis of American politics. The journal is edited by political scientist (and political junkie) Are Tågvold Flaten.

After years of following American politics closely, and months of pondering on whether or not to finally publish thoughts, ideas and analysis online, the project at hand was born in the middle of January 2010. I struggled with the name in the beginning, but Harold Lasswell’s famous definition of politics seemed fitting. Although the accuracy of Lasswell’s definition has been criticised, it nonetheless speaks to the winner-takes-all and partisan nature of contemporary American politics. Essentially, every debate and every piece of legislation can be addressed by the  following question: Who Gets What (when, and how)? In addition to Lasswell’s what, when, and how, why seems like a reasonable addition. Thus: Who Gets What, When, How, and Why?

Thinking is often done best while writing, and both prosper from feedback.  So, keep coming back, and let me know what you think.

Contact: are_flaten (at) hotmail.com

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