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Colbert’s take on the Sunday talk shows

April 15, 2010

Stephen Colbert’s take on the Sunday talk shows?

A grown-up version of Saturday morning cartoons — only the cartoons have more productive debates.


The whole appeal of the Sunday shows is that they’re like being a fly on the wall for the ultimate Washington insiders’ cocktail party, only instead of serving crab dipped canapé, they’re serving horse shit!


It’s about drama, OK? It’s about winning a battle. It’s two gladiators in one ring. One can choose the sword of truth, but the other one can choose the AK-47 of bullshit.

As a regular viewer of the Sunday talk shows I’ll admit that Colbert has some valid points, but on the other hand, his “criticism”/commentary can be aimed at politics in general. I mean, it’s not only on the Sunday talk shows that politicians evade or ignore questions, make up or confuse numbers or repeat their own talking points. That’s politics! And the Sunday talk shows are political theater at its best.

Watch the clip from “The Colbert Report” here. Priceless!

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